Travelution is a Thassos based company that manages more than 47 properties. We are not a Travel agent or a representation company. All the properties in our portfolio are managed by our company.

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Thassos & Chalkidiki


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Thassos & Halkidiki

Looking for some out of comfort zone, challenging experiences on the island? Get yourself ready to try some of the most unique activities that our team has gathered for you and are waiting for you to fully experience them. This variety of activities, among others, will help you discover hidden and un-hidden treasures of Thassos island in ways you could never imagine. We are here to recommend you some of the best activities on Thassos island to help you make your stay unforgettable.

One of the best ways to explore the island by having a little adventure at the same time is cycling. We believe that renting a bike during your vacation is a great way to add to your days physical exercise and fun at the same moment. We offer a variety of both bike and e-bike tours, several types of bicycle tours and routs for different fitness and skill levels. Once you choose our place for your bike adventure, we will take care of everything, from the most proper and safe equipment till the most fitted bicycle root depending on your physique.

Water Sports
Whether you are a lover of extreme sports or not, a total beginner or not, if you are looking to grab the opportunity to explore the southern or the northern blue-green waters of Thassos from a different angle , we’ll find the best water sports facilities for you. Snorkeling, scuba diving ,kayaking, parasailing, water skiing and wakeboarding lessons and many more fun water sports suitable for all ages are waiting for you to give them a try. Our professional boat drivers and instructors, highly educated in this field, are here to ensure you have an indelible experience. Enjoy the happiest of times in a safe environment!

Horse Riding
Interested in horse riding? Thassos horse club is located in Skala Prinos, a village to which you get easy access by car no matter where you stay on the island for your vacations. Certified trainers with years of experience will be there to guarantee your safe participation in this unique activity. Get ready to discover the serene landscape and nature paths of Thassos island, riding along the sandy beach or the mountain trails. All of the horses are well-trained and friendly with people. Choose between riding a horse on our own, if you already have experience, or be escorted by a professional guide. We are here to propose the most suitable root for you depending on your experience. Don’t miss it!

Jeep Safari Tours
To all our adventurous guests, come along for a unique jeep safari tour on the off-roads of the island! Choose between beach safari, which gives you the chance to meet three of the most popular beaches of the island or jeep safari, to discover the hidden treasures of our deep green island. In any case, be prepared to spend a day full of joy, adventure and adrenaline. Pick up your camera and let’s get started!

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Thassos & Halkidiki

The best locations in Thassos Island and in East Halkidiki.

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Our company currently manages properties in two amazing locations, Thassos island & the Halkidiki peninsula.