Travelution is a Thassos based company that manages more than 47 properties. We are not a Travel agent or a representation company. All the properties in our portfolio are managed by our company.

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Yachting-Daily Cruises

Yachting-Daily Cruises

Yachting or Daily Cruises

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Welcome on board! Get the chance to live an exclusive and personalized yacht experience in the northernmost island of Greece, Thassos! Explore the gorgeous sandy beaches of the island, the tiny hidden rocky beaches to which there is no road access, enjoy diving and swimming into the crystal clear water, observe the rock caves and all the natural beauty that this island is richly blessed with. Travelution cooperates with professional yacht companies such as numerous boat owners at every part of the island, so there is no better way to explore and live the mystery of this part of the world than by chartering a Luxury Yacht or renting a private boat, for an even more personal experience. With a satisfactory amount of yachts and boats, our Team will suggest the one that fits best both to your personal and economic needs and they will propose the most suitable and convenient itinerary for you to enjoy, based on which place of the island you are staying for your holidays.
The experienced crew and the captain of each yacht and boat will be at your total disposal once aboard to guide you through this beautiful, verdurous island alive with innumerable crystal clear water beaches and to discreetly assist you. Our company is here to make sure that you, your family and friends will live an -above all- safe, once-in-a-lifetime cruising experience.

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Thassos & Halkidiki

The best locations in Thassos Island and in East Halkidiki.

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Our company currently manages properties in two amazing locations, Thassos island & the Halkidiki peninsula.