Travelution is a Thassos based company that manages more than 47 properties. We are not a Travel agent or a representation company. All the properties in our portfolio are managed by our company.

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Hotel Owners

Hotel Management

Trevelution is a New Generation Hotel Management Company, using new tools, predictive analytics and data driven insights. We offer you solutions that combine both Evolution and Revolution.
At Travelution we specialize in managing a hotel as an outsourcer.
We focus exclusively and unobtrusively on maximizing customer satisfaction when visiting your hotel.

Travelution has the most comprehensive sales and marketing package for hotels. The service package apply to the main and most important needs of the hotels such as sales, bookings, marketing, highly skilled staff, but also a great deal οf complex tools such as Dailylodge PMS, which are provided as part of a wider suite of benefits from the Travelution hotel management experts.

Travelution has a solution for every need in hotel management and especially for small hotels.


All the hotels that are collaborating with us since 2016 have recorded an increase of up to 30% in bookings. Travelution has a solution for all the small hotels, with the creation of the integrated package for hotels.

The distribution and selling of lodgings has become an extremely laborious and complex process, while the traditional associations have radically changed since the internet came. Nowadays modern hoteliers are asked to solve a particularly difficult equation that will bring them the odds that they desire. Travelution provides a service package, an innovative solution that meets the needs for proper hotel management.

Sales Management

In order to achieve the goals we set for each hotel we are working with, we use a strategic plan.

Working with B2B

Establishment of contracts with tour operators and travel agencies

Reservation management

Handling incoming phone calls and emails

Proper promotion

Digital marketing and smart advertising

Proper strategy & planning

We fine tune your image to prospective customers

Staying up to date with latest developments

Participation in international exhibitions

Maximize occupancy

Competitive presence of the hotel in online systems

Market opening

Market placement, selection and analysis of online sales channels

Market analysis

Monitoring – evaluation of the market plan & provision of competitive analysis

We focus on your customers

Promotion of your hotel on the Internet 24 hours a day, to anyone, anywhere